Spotlight: All The Presidents Men

The state of the world and headlines about it can leave most of us with our heads spinning; seeking respite from (paid) Talking Heads spinning the answer to any question back towards their desired Talking Points on today’s media platforms.

Whoa! Step back, take a moment, a few hours, a day, a weekend out […]

The Total Eclipse of the Sun – Idaho

The Solar Eclipse occurred as scheduled in Idaho (8/21/2017 11:30 local time). The eclipse from our viewing point was remarkable.

Our cabin in Stanley was almost dead-center : 100% eclipse and under the full shadow 99.83% (i.e., viewing time well over 2+ minutes).

More importantly, the Lubeck’s were able to host friends that live at […]

Snowyside Peak from the Sunny and Snowy Sides

On this summer day in the Sawtooth Wilderness dawn is transforming to sunrise. Sunlight is hitting the rock crags that give Snowyside Peak (10,661 ft) its signature profile


Memorial Day 2017 – How Do You Recognize?

Elk Creek, Valley Creek, Stanley Lake Creek and Stanley Creek just west of our cabin converge on Memorial Day Weekend. Original size: 30″ by 70.” Note: the fence line was built by a volunteer group led by my friend Ed Cannady.

Memorial Day 2017. Is it simply an extended weekend or a day to […]

Hit By A Bus Driven By a Gorilla a.k.a. Skiing the Goat Creek Drainage in Winter

Fishook Creek – Mt. Heyburn far left, Horstmann Peak center, and Thompson Peak far right.

I travelled into the backcountry in the middle-of-winter. I ventured into my own backyard and got run over by what felt like a bus driven by gorilla appearing from out of nowhere. I was bounced, if not kicked, to […]

A Real Travel Ban – Day Four

The Sawtooths from Goat Creek. The Lubeck cabin is situated in the trees center-right.

Saturday February 11th, 2017 – Stanley, Idaho

The Travel Ban continues into its 4th day. Avalanches and the threat thereof, keeps all roads out of Stanley closed and subsequently unable to reach the next towns – Challis to the east, […]

A Real Ban on Travel – Hopefully Only Temporary

It is February 2017. I live in a Federal Republic in a country called The United States of America. At present the various branches of government are getting [sic., at whole new levels] to prove/disprove, test, validate/re-validate, and educate themselves and others as to their roles and authority in how we operate as a […]

A Sunny Day in January

The view from the top of Lubeck Ridge.

Lubeck Ridge (as the sun starts to set) from the driveway of our house.




















It is 2:45 PM on January 28th – the day before the […]

Skinning Up in Skis to Take In America’s Alps

The Sawtooth Mountain Range was first characterized as America’s Alps in the early 1900’s. With 52 named peaks over 10,000 feet in a range that spans 45 miles in length and 20 miles in width. The designation is a fair one. I have reached the summit of many of the named peaks. I […]

A Real SNOWMAGEDDON and the Beauty of It All

The prospect of a natural disaster is something of which the media feasts. A weather related event that can be predicted, anticipated, tracked and analyzed – can fill an entire programming period for days on end. Hurricanes and Typhoons used to be the only weather events named. In the 21st century […]