Kauai Nikon Z9 Wildfire Z9 400MM F2.8 Lens

Capturing Kauai: The Cattle Egret on Its Turf

I recently published a Post about the two Cattle Egret that have claimed the yard at our home in Kauai – theirs.

Linda, I and [sic., begrudgingly] The Border Collies agree.  The story is [here].

I decided I would venture to where the Cattle Egret lives on everyday Kauai.  I brought the Nikon Z9 and and the Z 400MM f2.8 Prime Lens along to capture the images.

The images below are presented AS-IS.  No adjustments have been made to the images what so-ever. I focused on one bird.

All shots were captured with the following settings:

Manual Mode.  IS0: 800 1/5000 second F8

Oh… I got This…  There could be something interesting or at least – food.

The Red Carpet Runway Pose…

A Little Harried

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