MSU Homecoming 2014

The Lubeck’s (Jeff and Kyle sans Linda) headed back to Michigan State University for Homecoming 2014.  This trip included a kickoff to Detroit see my Mom and brother Randy (to be Posted later).  The trip would also include a visit/partying with members of The Usual Suspects (TUS) and The Andary’s and Pruder’s.  Fun was had by all and The Spartans were victorious.


The MSU campus and Beaumont Tower are in fabulous shape.


My home of a few years – 136 Linden still stands. I liked it because the house was across the street from the East Lansing Police Station – an easy walk after being released from a Lineup as a Usual Suspect.


Old Resident and Current Resident. He asked me if I was standing on the lot as the house was built?

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