The Harriman Trail – Using A Treasure Created in Modern Times

Treasure’s created in modern times are rarely nature oriented. But there is a treasure called The Harriman Trail conceived of in 1991 that provides over 18 miles of opportunity to walkers, hikers. bikers, runners, and cross-country skiers in the magnificent Wood River corridor from the Headquarters of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) to the […]

Hyndman Peak – Things Change and Others Stay The Same

As the saying goes…the more things change the more they stay the same.

The Pioneer Mountain Range and Hyndman Peak (right center) From Johnstone Peak four days earlier – Jeff Lubeck


At 12,009 feet above sea-level Hyndman Peak in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho is the highest in the range and a significant […]

Hollyhocks Rule

How often are the consequences of the demise of something we love or enjoy looked into and considered in retrospect? I would argue that today’s media rarely does this for us in their 24 hour cycle of feeding us out-of-context sound bytes. Our local newspaper The Idaho Mountain Express performs retrospective reporting as does the […]