Dropping into Born Lakes For A Visit

One of the Born Lakes with Lonesome Peak in the background.

A hike to Fourth of July and Washington Lakes in the White Cloud Mountains is a relatively short and easy excursion. It is only 1.75 miles to Fourth of July Lake from the trailhead with minimal elevation gain – a great hike for […]

Let It Rain

One of the implications of a change in local atmospheric conditions for the past few years is that less snowfall in the region means a greater dependence on rainfall. The Wood River Valley has seen more rain than normal the last few weeks, but the fear (legitimate) and fear mongering (not legitimate) is […]

The Four (or Five) Falls of Na’ili’ili-haele – Maui

Reaching each of the Four Falls Na’ili’ili-haele in Maui is what all guides and guide books about the island categorizes as a “serious adventure”. It is one that ultimately involves trekking, hiking, rock climbing, boulder hopping, use of ropes, scaling waterfalls and swimming to a destination you have yet to personally confirm exists.

The entry […]

Mountain Goats and Elk Hunters

Linda and I decided to make the 9 mile round-trip to overlook of the Devil’s Bedstead basin. Fall was now upon us and the dogs were ready for some backcountry. The girls (Merry and Shae) also needed to be ready for Mountain Goats, Elk and Elk Hunters.


The men of a family on […]

Sun Playing Havoc at the Perch

Droplets of rain and soft hail begin to fall upon me as the late afternoon sun peeks through the dark clouds. Sitting on an exposed knob at 8,800 feet elevation, the Redfish Creek Valley is 2,000+ feet below to my left and the Saddleback Lakes are 400 feet below to my right. Directly across from […]

Summer in the Sawtooths 2013 – Abe’s Armchair

While reading the register at the Top of Abe’s Armchair Kyle establishes the Peak is not named after Lincoln – The President or the Froman – The Sausage King of Chicago.

The peak Abe’s Arm Chair is one of my favorites, and until this day, only from a viewing perspective. Located at the south […]

Summer in the Sawtooths 2013

A some point during the month of March Kyle and I decided that as a followup to our summit-ting the highest peaks in the five mountain ranges surrounding the home territory in 2012 we would focus on the Sawtooth Mountain Range in 2013. Separately, Kyle and I had determined we really enjoyed and looked forward […]

Close and Out of the Way

The Federal Gulch and Timber Draw loop trail is located about 9 miles to the east of my driveway. For a Fathers day hike I chose this loop trail as I had not previously set foot on it. The girls (Shae and Merry Christmas Dogs) requested they join me. How in 30 years of being […]

Greenhorn on a Afternoon in June

On a sunny and warm afternoon in June I decided to take the girls (Shae Dog and Merry Dog) up Greenhorn Gulch. To think this five mile stretch of trail from the Greenhorn trail-head is gulch-like would be a mistake. The trail features a gentle slope, a creek of its namesake for the entirety, beaver […]

A Sunset Atop Mindbender

Do you have a favorite place for a stroll, walk, hike, jog or run at sunset? What is or are yours?

Actually, I have a few and on Friday night I ventured on one of them. The dogs Shae and Merry joined me after work and took the Mindbender route along the top ridge-line of […]