A Sunset Atop Mindbender

Do you have a favorite place for a stroll, walk, hike, jog or run at sunset? What is or are yours?

Actually, I have a few and on Friday night I ventured on one of them. The dogs Shae and Merry joined me after work and took the Mindbender route along the top ridge-line of […]

On Winter’s Doorstep?

With any thoughts of Indian Summer weather long gone and Halloween approaching – is winter far behind?

The benefit (and detraction) of living in a high desert-alpine climate is that weather change can be quick, certain and dramatic. A bright warm fall with vibrant colors was given a cease-and-desist order by the Weather Department and […]

Triple Crown and Double Dip

As the saying goes, last is not necessarily the least. On Thursday, the statement could not be more applicable as Kyle and I successfully complete summiting (in 2012) the last of the highest peaks in the five mountain ranges (Pioneer, Boulder, Sawtooth, White Cloud and Smoky) surrounding the house. The last, Saviers Peak at 10,441 […]

(Barely) Equal to the Challenge of Castle Peak

Reading about or listening to people discribing their attempt to summit Castle Peak reveals some common themes; “difficult”, “demanding”, “confusing”, “frustrating”, “painful”, “never ending” and “silly of me to attempt.” I, along with my son Kyle, decided to establish if any or all of these statements about the 15.5 mile (6,628 of vertical) trip to […]

To the Top of Thomspon Peak

On an extraordinary fall day, I had the fortune to attempt to summit Thompson Peak (10,751) – the highest in the Sawtooth range of Idaho. As I always say, better to be lucky than good. An on this day I was one lucky son-of-a-gun.

Accompanying me would be my son Kyle. A goal for the […]

Return to Horton Peak

On this day I am much like the Swallow returning to Capistrano. Only in my case it is to Horton Peak during the colors of fall. I try to reach the top of Horton Peak at least once each year. At 9,900 feet in height, Horton Peak sits at the southwest corner of the White […]

The Harriman Trail – Using A Treasure Created in Modern Times

Treasure’s created in modern times are rarely nature oriented. But there is a treasure called The Harriman Trail conceived of in 1991 that provides over 18 miles of opportunity to walkers, hikers. bikers, runners, and cross-country skiers in the magnificent Wood River corridor from the Headquarters of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) to the […]

Hyndman Peak – Things Change and Others Stay The Same

As the saying goes…the more things change the more they stay the same.

The Pioneer Mountain Range and Hyndman Peak (right center) From Johnstone Peak four days earlier – Jeff Lubeck


At 12,009 feet above sea-level Hyndman Peak in the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho is the highest in the range and a significant […]

Johnstone Peak – A View of the Pioneer Mountain Range

Johnstone Peak is about seven miles from my driveway. At a shade under 10,000 feet in elevation (9,949) it is known as a great perch for a spectacular view of the Pioneer Mountain Range. I have considered ascending Johnstone Peak for almost 30 years. During that time I have hiked and mountain biked on trails […]

On Top of the Boulder Mountains – Ryan Peak

At 11,714 feet in elevation, Ryan Peak is the tallest of the Boulder mountains of Idaho. From the North Fork of the Wood River trail-head in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA), Ryan Peak rises almost a mile in the sky (5,172 feet).


Ryan Peak from the east – courtesy Summit Post.

On […]