Thompson Peak In Winter

The third major goal of a six day winter expedition into the Sawtooth Wilderness of Northern Rockies of Idaho (2015); summiting Thompson Peak – the highest in the Sawtooth Range that includes 55 named peaks above 10,000 in elevation.

The Second?  Establishing that I could on any of the six days – with a fully loaded pack (50 lbs+); skin on skis up to 5 miles and gain 1,500 – 3,000 vertical feet, post hole/boot pack on 45%+ degree angle slope, climb a class 3-4 route in ski boots, ski downhill 1,500 – 2,000 on a route that has possibly (according to all accounts) never been previously skied and tree skiing in the tight corridors afforded by Lodgepole Pine’s.

The First? Establishing that I was willing and could hold-down eating reconstituted Freeze Dried meals every night.

Thanks to Chris and Sara Lundy co-owners of Sawtooth Mountain Guides (my teammates on the trip) goals 1-3 were met.  Without them none of these goals or the ones established to follow on the six day adventure will occur – period.

Coming Around The Moutain 02
Coming around the bend. Left to right; Mt. Heyburn, Horstman Peak and Thompson Peak.


Taking On Thomspon
From Lake 9,013 Thompson Peak (right) calls out – “climb me if you can.” Note: Andary Island (duly named by Kyle in 2012 climb of Thompson) is covered in snow and not visible.


Sunrise on Thompson Face DSC_3098
After an hour of climbing in the dark, the sun begins to rise on the Sawtooths.
Top of Thompson Winter 02
The Top of Thompson. Time for a cup of Joe.
Thompson Lake Below Step3
Looking down to Lake 9,013 from the Top of Thompson Peak. Williams Peak to the left.


Jeff and Husky Mug Continue Their Travels Thompson Peak Winter 2015 DSC_3062
After climbing and skiing down from Thompson Peak. Another cup of Joe after breakfast at Camp 10,034. Note: I forgot to bring the Camera Lens Mug given to me by Darrell and Janice Hensley.

Williams Peak Hut to Thompson Peak

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