Warren Miller Public and Private – Always a Friend

My sometimes business associate, and at all times friend by the name Warren Miller passed on a week ago. I waited a week to start this Post. Rarely can you find yourself associated with a true Icon with a lasting legacy. And in these times, one who does not prove to have clay […]

The Holiday Season is Upon Us. How do you celebrate?


On the Cusp of Winter on the River of No Return near the cabin (Salmon River, Stanley Idaho).

Goat Creek Meadow at the cabin starts to collect the white stuff.

Goat Creek at the cabin starts to freeze over.

It is December (at least on the Julian Calendar). And that means […]

Fire Near The Cabin in Stanley

The Dry Creek Fire west of Stanley, Idaho as it crosses State Highway 21 – © Copyright Jeffrey H. Lubeck

While driving from our house in the Wood River Valley to our cabin in the Sawtooth Valley I noticed a large plume of smoke appear near the cabin. As I approached Stanley the plume […]

Praying to hear a laugh once more

Do you know the laugh of each of your friends? Can you hear their laugh in your mind without them present? Can you picture them laughing?

I have listened to and loved the laugh of Ellen Andary since she went by her maiden name (Monahan) and I had yet to turn 20 years-old. For 37+ […]

The Four (or Five) Falls of Na’ili’ili-haele – Maui

Reaching each of the Four Falls Na’ili’ili-haele in Maui is what all guides and guide books about the island categorizes as a “serious adventure”. It is one that ultimately involves trekking, hiking, rock climbing, boulder hopping, use of ropes, scaling waterfalls and swimming to a destination you have yet to personally confirm exists.

The entry […]

MSU Homecoming 2014

The Lubeck’s (Jeff and Kyle sans Linda) headed back to Michigan State University for Homecoming 2014. This trip included a kickoff to Detroit see my Mom and brother Randy (to be Posted later). The trip would also include a visit/partying with members of The Usual Suspects (TUS) and The Andary’s and Pruder’s. Fun was had […]

The 2014 Rose Bowl

Standing Tall 2014 Rose Bowl Champions © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – all rights reserved


The Rose Bowl Crowd is filing out of the stadium. A banner noting the Spartans of Michigan State hangs on the Rose Bowl. And suddenly, almost magically the designation of Champion appears. Below are images I was able to […]

After The Burn – Implication of Idaho’s Beaver Creek Fire

It is hard to burn a view down- The Pioneers from the top of Imperial Gulch.

On December 20th, 2013 The MESH Art Gallery and the the United States Forest Service collaborated to produce an exhibit and hold a discussion called “After The Burn – Implication of Idaho’s Beaver Creek Fire.” The exhibit covered […]

The Lubeck’s Invade Lloyd Family Day: A Tradition at Redfish Lake

The Lubeck’s and the Lloyd’s got together at Redfish Lake for their annual get together. A new member’s to the roster were added for this years event (Miss Devon).

The Halstead fire sits a few miles from Redfish lake.

The devastating Halstead Fire just outside Stanley should by all accounts have shut down the […]

Taking Inventory of Summer 2012

It is Friday morning and we are about 30 days into the summer solstice. So, lets take a little inventory of your effort to-date. Are you accomplishing the things you planned for this summer? Have you accomplished any of them? Do you even have a plan? If the answers to these questions is generally: no, […]