The 2014 Rose Bowl

Standing Tall 2014 Rose Bowl Champions © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – all rights reserved


The Rose Bowl Crowd is filing out of the stadium. A banner noting the Spartans of Michigan State hangs on the Rose Bowl. And suddenly, almost magically the designation of Champion appears. Below are images I was able to […]

After The Burn – Implication of Idaho’s Beaver Creek Fire

It is hard to burn a view down- The Pioneers from the top of Imperial Gulch.

On December 20th, 2013 The MESH Art Gallery and the the United States Forest Service collaborated to produce an exhibit and hold a discussion called “After The Burn – Implication of Idaho’s Beaver Creek Fire.” The exhibit covered […]

The Lubeck’s Invade Lloyd Family Day: A Tradition at Redfish Lake

The Lubeck’s and the Lloyd’s got together at Redfish Lake for their annual get together. A new member’s to the roster were added for this years event (Miss Devon).

The Halstead fire sits a few miles from Redfish lake.

The devastating Halstead Fire just outside Stanley should by all accounts have shut down the […]

Taking Inventory of Summer 2012

It is Friday morning and we are about 30 days into the summer solstice. So, lets take a little inventory of your effort to-date. Are you accomplishing the things you planned for this summer? Have you accomplished any of them? Do you even have a plan? If the answers to these questions is generally: no, […]