Christmas 2018 – At The Cabin in Stanley

We decided to have Christmas at the Cabin in Stanley, Idaho in 2018. It is located on Goat Creek. The property abuts the Sawtooth National Forest\National Recreation\National Wilderness Boundary. We access via a Private Road and need to cross Forest Service property to get to our cabin. The property is part of a small enclave […]

The First Day of Spring Approaches – And How Does That Look Deep in the Sawtooth Mountains.

So the first day of spring is approaching. For many that means grass is greening, and flowers are starting to flower. In the high desert and mountains of central Idaho Spring may technically arrive, but usually only the valley floors can possibly suggest Spring is in play. On occasion (about two in ten years) can […]

Snow Returns to The Valley

January has brought The Valley snow. In enough quantity that the City of Ketchum is back to performing one its principle tasks – removing snow overnight – such that the picturesque town – has The Elephants Perch looking in picture perfect form just before the sun rises.

In enough quantity that snow wraps […]

Persistence, Patience & Voila

Have you ever had an expectation for an event, and despite best laid plans the result is simply not of which you had hoped?

I could list all of mine, but that would entail about 58 volumes of narrative. In this case it involves my friend, partner, associate and son – Kyle.

Kyle proposes that […]

McDonald Peak – Dawn with Five Mountain Ranges as the View

The trip to the top of McDonald Peak (10,089 ft.) in the Sawtooth Range is a 3,200 vertical foot ascent all in snow. McDonald sits between Alturas and Pettit Lakes and look directly across the valley at Horton Peak of the White Cloud Mountain Range. The round-trip effort of 24+ hours includes a dawn […]

Skiing in the Backcountry and Your Backyard

One of the great benefits of a batch of early season snowstorms is that skiing peaks and ridgelines with significant vertical could be had merely by walking out of the house. In some cases this means literally (i.e., Lubeck Ridge 1,200 vertical) or figuratively as in drive the car for a mile or so, park […]

Traversing The Sawtooth Wilderness

Jeff and Sara Lundy; Skiing Off The Top of the Divide.


For six-days the remarkable beauty of the Sawtooth Wilderness in Winter is my home. The ground covered in six-days is all with a heavy pack, on skis, and two-miles above sea-level.

Accompanied by the wise and talented Chris and Sara Lundy of […]

Imogene Peak in Winter

Photography, backcountry ski touring, winter, a journey up a major named peak, and the Sawtooth Mountains. Now that combination sounds like fun to me.

My goal on this day is to head up Imogene Peak 3,000+ vertical feet – via skins on skis and post hole climb – to capture a late afternoon […]

Revisiting Redfish Lake in Winter

It is rare for me to get a cold, but one is what I have and it continues to linger. As you all know it is very hard for me not to be outside for any extended length of time. However, having consumed what feels to be about 7,464 football games since mid-December, I […]

Back into Back-Country Skiing

I decided during this past summer that this winter I would get back to doing something I enjoy almost as much as anything else – skiing in the back-country. I tried not to make a big deal of my stated desire, as I had not to a great degree skied in downhill equipment let alone […]